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Stones listed on our website are all subject to availability.
Our latest inventory data emailed to you - there is no guarantee of the availability of the said goods at the time of purchases made by you.
Stones cannot be put on hold by VIVID DIAM during the inquiry/running inquiry.


A lot of effort has been made to ensure that all prices on the VIVID DIAM website are accurate. There are instances where a pricing error has been made due to technical reasons. In such a case, VIVID DIAM reserves the right to change or modify the product pricing at any time, and in its sole discretion. Any change or modification which appears is considered effective immediately. If a pricing error is only recognized after a quotation and/or order is already placed, VIVID DIAM reserves the right to cancel the order. VIVID DIAM will advise the client of the change by either phone, email, or in person, but if the client is not available, the change will be considered effective immediately. All the prices displayed on the company's website are currently shown only in the United States currency format.


We accept returns within 3 days from the day you receive your item. No questions asked. No need to explain.

Returns are accepted as long as the following conditions are met:
• 1. The item is returned in its original condition.
• 2. The item is returned with its original certificate. If the certificate is missing the customer will be charged the price of a new one. For custom orders only the main diamond will be refunded. Unfortunately we can not refund the cost of the setting and labor cost.

For International returns we unfortunately can not offer free return shipping. We ask that you return the item via secure shipping option (Brinks, Malca-Amit, G4S or Fedex).

In order to return an item:
• 1. Contact us to inform us that you will be returning the item. (US customers will be sent a shipping sticker at this point.) OR +91-8758115812.
• 2. Send us the tracking number of the shipment.

Please Note: VIVID DIAM reserves the right to make changes to these Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice or appeal.