About Vivid

From years of experience with thousands of customers, we know that purchasing a diamond, is a significant purchase. We make it an utmost effort to treat each person that walks through the door like a friend, by warmly greeting them, giving them advice on the right diamond they should purchase, or giving the customer the comfort to make the exact purchase they decide on, based upon their individual needs. We at Vivid Diam are proud to propose a selection of natural color diamonds. Our focus is exclusively on natural colored diamonds and demonstrates that these beautiful gems are available for every taste and personality. Choose your dream diamond from the fancy coloured diamonds collection.

We are in the business of providing our clients with the worldÂ’s highest quality, investment grade, Natural Fancy Coloured Diamonds at the most competitive in prices the industry. We are committed to working side by side with each individual client in order to assist in achieving your personal goals of wealth preservation and maximum investment appreciation. Vivid Diam inventory is of high-quality fancy color diamonds. We have a wide range of colour diamonds, we have expertise in some Fancy colour diamonds.


We have objective of direct sourcing of colour diamonds from manufacturing units and selling it directly to the clients effectively.


Our mission is to make our customers overjoyed with magnificently beautiful diamonds and gems.